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Quo Vadis Therapy Center addresses concerns surrounding:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Couples/Marriage issues
  • Family difficulties
  • Marriage preparation
  • Relational issues
  • Grief, Loss, & Transition
  • Personal growth
    Many stressful things happen in life that can cause emotional distress such as anxiety, depression,
    frustration, anger, and grief. If you notice your regular routine or the quality of your relationships not
    bringing you the satisfaction they once did, a therapist can offer you help. As an individual coming to
    therapy, you will work collaboratively with the therapist to clarify the problem and create strategies
    to improve your emotional and interpersonal functioning.

    Psychotherapy with Couples/Marital Concerns
        You and your spouse/significant other attend therapy sessions together to address problems that
       prevent you from being happier in your relationship. Couples often seek therapy for concerns
       surrounding communication, finances, in-laws, intimacy, and parenting. However, problems in your  
       relationship can also arise from other factors such as a chronic physical or mental difficulty,
       unresolved issues experienced in one's family of origin, job stressors, etc. Many couples wait much
       too long before getting help, and others need individual help during/after a separation or divorce.

Pre-marriage counseling and marriage enrichment
                    Quo Vadis Therapy Center offers the PREPARE/ENRICH & FOCCUS inventories to couples
                    preparing for marriage and married couples looking to develop their relationship even
                    further. If you're preparing for marriage, studies show that pre-marriage         
                    counseling/education is of significant benefit to couples. The state of Minnesota also
                    recognizes the benefits completed 12 hours of pre-marriage counseling/education. Avoid
                    problems later by addressing existing and potential difficulties now.

Psychotherapy with Families and Systems
    You and members of your family, either immediate and/or extended family
    members, attend therapy sessions to address problems that either affect the
    larger family or may be better addressed with multiple family members
    present. Some examples of why families come to therapy include parent-child
    difficulties, grief over the loss of a loved one, the breaking or changing of
    family traditions, and stress related to the care for aging or chronically ill
          family members.

Psychotherapy with Systems
  There are various kinds of systems, of which families are one. Generally, systems are a
  collection of individuals or groups whose interactions have a more or less direct impact on one
  another. Thus, systems exist in communities, places of employment, peer groups, associations,
  clubs, etc. Using a systemic perspective, Quo Vadis Therapy Center is able to assist people who
  are organized into some grouping where tension among members threatens the growth of each
  individual and the system as a whole.
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