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Biography of Joe Pribyl, Founder of Quo Vadis Therapy Center
Quo Vadis Therapy Center is the private psychotherapy practice of Joe Pribyl. Joe has lived in
the Twin Cities area for
over 40 years. He received his bachelor's degree from St. Olaf College
in Northfield, Minnesota in 1998. Shortly thereafter, Joe worked nearly seven years in
parishes and schools as a youth and family minister, classroom instructor,and
director/pastoral associate of religious education for youth and adults. During that time, Joe
earned a master's degree in Catholic Studies from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul,
Minnesota. Joe later completed a second master's degree in counseling psychology with a
concentration in family psychology, again from the University of St. Thomas. Joe has been
practicing psychotherapy since 200
7. Joe and has wife were married in 2005 and have one

One of the areas of speciality Joe offers as a therapist is in working with religious/spiritual issues. While Joe is familiar
with issues that uniquely impact Catholic individuals, couples, families, and systems, he is welcoming of and sensitive to
people of any faith tradition, as well as people who do not identify with a particular religious tradition. Exploring spiritual
questions in therapy is the client's individual choice. (See
QV Questions for more on the theoretical orientation at QV.)

Joe is a member of the
Minnesota Assn. for Marriage and Family
Therapy. Joe practices psychotherapy in Minnesota under the provisions of the state's Board of Marriage & Family Therapy.

The Name
"Quo vadis" is Latin for "Where are you going?" This question gained certain prominence from the ancient Chris
tian tradition where the Apostle Peter asked this question of Jesus of Nazareth on a few noteworthy occasions. Reflect
the theoretical approach to therapy used b
y Joe (QV Questions), this question invites clients to reflect on where their
relationships are at present, and to envision where those relationships need to be in order to improve one's own life and
contribute to the common good. The image in the upper right corner of this web site represents the road to getting to
where you need to be.
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